Net Price Calculator

Welcome to the Financial Aid Net Price Calculator!

We are glad that you are considering becoming a UCLA Bruin. We understand that you and your family may have a lot of concerns about how you’ll cover your costs of tuition, housing and other necessities. Through a variety of programs available, Financial Aid and Scholarships office can help you to cover your educational costs.

To apply for financial aid, please make sure that you complete a FAFSA after October 1 and before March 2 priority filing deadline. This will ensure that you are considered for the maximum of funding that may be available. In the meantime, our Net Price Calculator will allow you to generate an estimate of your financial aid eligibility. In order to make sure that this estimate is correct, it is very important that you provide as accurate information as possible.

This calculator is intended only for full-time, undergraduate students who are California Residents and eligible to file a FAFSA. A calculator for out of state residents will be available soon! Dream Act applicants and graduate students should contact Financial Aid and Scholarships office for more information.

Please choose either the Dependent or Independent Calculator to continue:

Students who are less than 24 years old may still qualify for Independent status. For more information, view the Dependency Status criteria.